Assist. Prof. Dr. Deniz Yücel

Title: Assist. Prof. Dr. 
Education:  Ph.D. Biotechnology, METU, 2009
M.Sc. Biotechnology, METU, 2003 
B.Sc. Biological Sciences, METU, 2001
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Research Field:


Stem Cell Based Nerve Tissue Engineering on Patterned Constructs


Nerve tissue engineering (NTE) is one of the most promising methods to restore CNS in human health care. Three-dimensional (3-D) distribution and growth of cells within the scaffold are of clinical significance for NTE. Polymers can be used as scaffold to promote cell adhesion, maintenance of differentiated cell function without hindering proliferation, template to organize and direct the growth of cells and help in the function of extracellular matrix (ECM).


The scope of this study is to construct a 3-D, biodegradable, polymeric nerve tube with micropatterned films and microfibers to regenerate and restore the function of nerve tissue. The micro-fibers are produced by electrospinning technique, while the micropatterned films are obtained by solvent casting. Stem cells and supporting cells are used to obtain tissue engineered nerve construct.


M.Sc. Study:


Construction of a Choline Oxidase Biosensor


The scope of the study was the construction of an amperometric choline oxidase biosensor to determine choline, which is indispensable for a number of fundamental processes in the body. Choline oxidase was covalently immobilized onto HEMA-grafted membranes via a spacer. HEMA grafting was achieved by gamma irradiation. Immobilized choline oxidase studies were carried out in an oxygen electrode unit and were based on oxygen depletion in the reaction medium. In this study, the effect of activation procedure, the location of the catalytic membrane and the immobilization enzyme concentration on immobilized enzyme activity were carried out in the oxygen electrode. The performance of the choline oxidase biosensor was studied in terms of reusability, linear working range and sensitivity.


Academic Experience:


  • 2005-2006   Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey International PhD
  • June-Sep 2007 Grantee and Visiting Researcher at Mass General Hospital/Shriners Hospital for Children at Harvard Medical School
  • 2001- 2008 Research Assistant in Bioanalytical Chemistry and Biochemistry Laboratories, Middle East Technical University, Department of Biological Sciences, Ankara


Selected Publications:


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