BIO 514 - Biomaterials


Credits  (3-0) 3
Prerequisite  Consent of the Instructor




The multidisciplinary subject of biomedical application of materials obtained from natural and synthetic sources. Solid properties, various materials used in biomaterials, tissue-material interactions, in situ, in vitro and in vivo application methods and sterilization are discussed. Important soft and hard tissue applications involving tissue engineering, drug delivery, implant design, and imaging are discussed with special emphasis on bio and synthetic polymers.


Course Outline:


  • The Structure of Solids
  • Characterization of Materials
  • Metallic Implant Materials
  • Ceramic Implant Materials
  • Polymeric Implant Materials
  • Composites as Biomaterials
  • Structure-Property Relationships of Biological Materials
  • Tissue Response to Implants
  • Soft Tissue Replacement- Sutures, skin, maxillofacial, blood-interfacing implants
  • Hard Tissue Replacements- Long bone repair, joints and teeth
  • Transplants
  • Selected Papers


Text Book:


Biomaterials, J.B.Park and R.S.Lakes, Plenum , 1992


Reference Books:


  • Mechanical Testing of Bone and The Bone-Implant Interface, Y.H. An, R.A.Draughn, CRC Press 2000
  • Principles of Tissue Engineering, R.P.Lanza, R.Langer, W.L.Chick, Academic Press, 1997
  • Biotechnology and Bioactive Polymers, C.G.Gebelein, C.H.Carraher,Jr., Plenum Press,1994
  • Immobilized Macromolecules, U.B.Sleyr, P.Messner, D.Pum, M.Sara, Springer-Verlag,1993


Reference Journals:


Many journals including Biomaterials, J. Biomedical Materials Research, J. Materials Science: Materials in Medicine, J. Controlled Release, J. Microencapsulation, J. Biomaterials Science: Polymer Edition, and Tissue Engineering are among the sources from which the students will be given reading material.