Burcu Ertan



Title: PhD. Student 

MSc. Student, Yeditepe University, Dept. of Genetics and Bioengineering

B.Sc. Molecular Biology and Genetics, Haliç University, 2005

Contact: Telephone: +90 216 5780657



Research Field:


Tissue engineering (cartilage, nerve)

Use of pH and temperature responsive, intelligent nanobiomaterials in cartilage tissue engıneering and investigation of cell adhesion process at nano-level.

Tissue engineering aims at repairing diseased or nonfunctional organs through the design and use of cell carrying biodegradable biomaterials. Constructs carrying controlled levels of microporosity with appropriate pore sizes are designed to achieve intercellular interactions and help the cells retain their morphology, function and differentitation capabilities.

The cell sources available for cartilage tissue engineering are mainly chondrocytes and mesenchymal stem cells. In this study two growth factors and two different cell types will be introduced to PLGA based intelligent (responsive) cell carriers and their sequential release will be achieved through pH and temperature responsiveness.

Besides the cell attachment process on the carrier surface will be investigated at the nano level via microscopy and molecular biological techniques.


Selected Publications: