Dr. Mathilde Hindie



Title:  Post-doctoral researcher

Ph.D. Biomedical Engineering, Compiègne University of Technology, 2004

M.Sc. Biomedical Engineering, Compiègne University of Technology, 2001

B.Sc. Cell biology and Physiology, la Roche-sur-Yon, University 199

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Current Research Activities:


Biocompatibility, tissue healing, molecular biology, cell differentiation


Selected Publications:

  • Hindié M , Vayssade M, Dufresne M, Quéant S, Warocquier-Clérout R., Legeay G.,Vigneron P, Olivier V, Duval J-L and Nagel MD. Interactions of B16F10 melanoma cells aggregated on a cellulose substrate. journal of cellular biochemistry (in press)
  • Hindié M , Legeay G, Vayssade M, Warocquier-Clerout R, Nagel MD. Culture of melanoma cells as aggregates on cellulose substratum. Biomolecular Engineering. 2005 Dec; 22(5-6):205-8.
  • Gékas J, Hindié M, Faucheux N, Lanvin O, Mazière C, Fuentès V., Gouilleux-Gruart V., David B., Mazière J.C., Lassoued K. and Nagel MD. The inhibition of cell spreading on a cellulose substrate (Cuprophan) induces an apoptotic process via a mitochondria-dependent pathwayFEBS Letters 2004 Apr 9; 563(1-3):103-7.
  • Olivier V, Rivière C, Hindié M, Duval JL, Bomila-Koradjim G and Nagel MD. Uptake of polystyrene beads bearing functional groups by macrophages and fibroblasts. Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 2004 Jan 33(1), 23-31.
  • Olivier V, Duval JL, Hindié M, Pouletaut P, Nagel MD. Comparative particle-induced cytotoxicity toward macrophages and fibroblasts. Cell Biology and Toxicology . 2003 Jun; 19(3):145-59.