Hayriye Özçelik



Title: Ph.D. Candidate in Biological Sciences
Education:  M.Sc. Biotechnology, METU, 2004.
B.Sc. Biological Sciences, METU, 2000
Contact:  Telephone:  +90 312 210 5189



Research Field:


One of the most crucial step in tisssue engineering is the attachment and spreading of the cells on the polymeric scaffold. The efficiency of cell attachment is determined by surface chemistry and topography. A number of studies revealed that topography in micro and nanometer scale is the most important parameter in cell guidance. Micro and nanopatterning (roughness, symmetry, spacing and distribution of the surface features) can control size, shape and spatial position of the cells anchored to surface.


Selected Publications:

  • P.M. Davidson, H. Özçelik, V. Hasırcı, G. Reiter, and K. Anselme, Microstructured Surfaces Cause Severe but Non-Detrimental Deformation of the Cell Nucleus, Adv. Mater. 21, 3586-3590, 2009.