Prof. Dr. Gamze Torun Köse



Title:  Prof. Dr.  (Yeditepe University, Dept. of Genetics and Bioengineering)
Education:  Ph.D. Biotechnology, METU, 2002
M.Sc. Biotechnology, METU, 1996
B.Sc. Biological Sciences, METU, 1994
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Research Field


Tissue engineering (bone, cartilage, nerve, cardiac tissue), adult and embryonic stem cell, biodegradable polymers, liposomes, drug delivery, hard tissue repair, surface modification.


G. Köse CV



Selected Publications  


International Papers 

  • E.Can, A.I.Kanneci, G. Udenir, G.T.Köse, S.Bucak, Paclitaxel Release from PLLA/PCL Blends, Biomacromolecules, (submitted), 2011
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  • M.Ramazanoglu, R.Lutz, P.Rusche, L.Trabzon, G.T.Köse, F. W.Neukam, K.A.Schlegel, Osteoconductive Effect of Combined Delivery of Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2 and Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor From Biomimetically Coated Implants, Bone (submitted), 2011.
  • M.Ramazanoglu,  A.Demirel, O.Gumru,  A.B.Ertan, E.D.Sam, M.Urgen, G.T.Köse, Increased cellular functions on microrough titanium surfaces having anatase nanotubular structures, Bio-medical Materials and Engineering (submitted), 2011
  • A.B.Ertan, P.Yılgor, B.Bayyurt, G.T.Köse*, V.Hasirci, Effect of Sustained Growth Factor Release on Cartilage Tissue Engineering, Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine(submitted), 2011
  • H.Cimenoglu, M.Gunyuz, G.T.Köse, M.Baydogan, F.Ugurlu, C.Sener, Micro-Arc Oxidation of Ti6Al4V and Ti6Al7Nb Alloys for Biomedical Applications, Materials Characterization, doi: 10.1016/j.matchar.2011.01.002, 2011.
  • D.Yücel, G.T.Köse, V.Hasırcı, Tissue Engineered, Guided Nerve Tube Consisting of Aligned Neural Stem Cells and Astrocytes, Biomacromolecules,11, 3584–3591, 2010
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Books and Book Chapters 


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  • G.T. Köse and V. Hasırcı, Polymeric Biodegradable Hard Tissue Engineering Applications, in: Tissue Engineering and Biodegradable Equivalents: Scientific and Clinical Applications, D.L. Wise, Marcel Dekker, Inc., U.S.A, pp.301-315, 2002


Other Publications 


  • E.Can, G.T.Köse, M.Değertekin, S.Bucak, Polimerik Kalp Stentleri, TÜBİTAK Bilim Teknik Dergisi , Oct 2010.
  • G.T. Köse, F.Korkusuz, A.Özkul, S.Ber, H.Kenar and V. Hasırcı, Tissue Engineering of Bone Using Collagen and PHBV Matrices, Technology and Health care (Biomed 8 special issue), (Extended abstract). Vol.10 Iss. (3,4), pg. 299-301, 2002