Sinem Kardeşler



Title:  M.Sc. student in Biotechnology
Education:  B.Sc. Biological Sciences, METU, 2008
Telephone: +90 312 210 5341




Research Field: 


In the frame of EU-FP7 Skin Treat Project ;
Liposomal release of different kinds of ingredients for application on dermal contions. Liposome is simply described as; closed lipid bilayer vesicle.Liposome has been used as a delivery system of a drug since 1970s.Liposome is a
promising delivery system due to the its structure and encapsulation of drug both aqeous and lipid phase.

The aim of this project is  to develop liposome as a drug carrier system which is used for treatment of dermal diseases.The overall conception of project is preparing drug loaded liposome which respect to different charge and different phospholipids composition and studying of relase kinetics of drugs.


Selected Publications:

  • S. Kardesler, V.Hasirci . Charged Dehydration-Rehydration Vesicles for Skin Treatment , 15th Biomedical Science and Technology Symposium, Guzelyurt, TRNC, August 16-19, 2009.
  • S.Kardesler, G. Eke, A.Kucukturhan, P. Yilgor, N. Hasirci, V. Hasirci. Topical Delivery Systems for the Treatment of Skin Diseases, International Symposium on Biotechnology: Developments and Trends,Ankara, TR, September 27-30, 2009.
  • G. Eke, A.Kucukturhan, S.Kardesler, P. Yilgor, N. Hasirci, V. Hasirci. Nanoparticles as Drug Carriers for the Treatment of Skin Diseases, 6 thNanoscience and Nanotechnology Conference, İzmir Institue of Technology, İzmir, TR, June15-18, 2010