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In this homepage we present a glimpse at the activities carried out at METU-BIOMAT Research Group located at Biotechnology Research Unit (BRU) building. Biomaterials is an exciting field for researchers world wide from various branches of science, engineering and medicine.

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  • Recent Publication

    Ermis, M., Akkaynak, D., Chen, P., Demirci, U & Hasirci, V. (2016). A High Throughput Approach for Analysis of Cell Nuclear Deformability at Single Cell Level. Scientific Reports, 6. 

  • Prof. Vasıf Hasırcı and Prof. Nesrin Hasırcı Retirement Dinner

    A dinner to commemorate the retirement of  Prof. Nesrin Hasırcı and Prof. Vasıf Hasırcı was organized on December 10th, 2016 at Bilkent Hotel (Ankara). 80 colleagues, students and spouses  attended this dinner.

  • Biomaterials now has a CiteScore
  • New Elected Members of Science Academy 2016

    Science Academy announced the new members elected in 2016 ( Prof. Nesrin Hasırcı, a member of our Centre, is among the new Members. We congratulate Prof. Hasırcı for her membership and wish her continued success.

  • Dr. Menekşe Ermiş ŞEN receives the METU Thesis of the Year Award
    Dr. Menekşe Ermiş ŞEN,M.D., a member of our group, received the METU Prof. Dr. Mustafa PARLAR Education and Research Foundation Thesis of the Year Award for her Ph.D. thesis titled   "INFLUENCE OF MICROPATTERNED POLYMERIC SUBSTRATES ON CANCER CELL BEHAVIOR" for the Academic Year  2015-2016. We congratulate her and wish her continued success.