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In this homepage we present a glimpse at the activities carried out at METU-BIOMAT Research Group located at Biotechnology Research Unit (BRU) building. Biomaterials is an exciting field for researchers world wide from various branches of science, engineering and medicine.

News & Announcements

  • Presentation Announcement:

    Dr. Arda Büyüksungur, a specialist of BIOMATEN (METU), has presented a talk as a guest speaker on November 12, 2015 with the title 'Nanomaterials as Active Agents' in "2nd National Biocidal Congress with International Participation", which was organized with the collaboration of Ministry of Health, Çukurova University and Ege University.

  • Abstract Book of BIOMED2015 and EWAB2015

    The abstract book of BIOMED2015 and EWAB2015 can be viewed here.

  • Recent Publication:

    Kiziltay, A., Marcos-Fernandez, A., San Roman, J., Sousa, R. A., Reis, R. L., Hasirci, V., & Hasirci, N. (2013). Poly(ester-urethane) scaffolds: effect of structure on properties and osteogenic activity of stem cells. Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine. [PDF]

  • METU 2015 Graduate Course Performance Awards
    Student members of BIOMATEN M.Sc. student Ayla Şahin and Ph.D. student Tuğba Dursun received the METU 2015 Graduate Course Performance Awards. We wish them continued success.
  • Presentation Announcement:

    Tuğba Dursun, a PhD student from our group, will present her talk named "Electrospun mwCNT-PHBV5-Collagen Composite Nanofibers for Nerve Tissue Engineering" on June 23, 2015 13:45 in NanoTR-11 Conference, which is held between June 22-25 in METU Cultural and Convention Center.