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In this homepage we present a glimpse at the activities carried out at METU-BIOMAT Research Group located at Biotechnology Research Unit (BRU) building. Biomaterials is an exciting field for researchers world wide from various branches of science, engineering and medicine.

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  • Our Research in the News

    NHthumbnailThe research on bone tissue engineering led by Prof. Nesrin Hasirci of Department of Chemistry (METU), also member of BIOMATEN, was recently covered by Turkish news agency Anadolu Agency (AA). Here we present the article published by AA.

  • Assoc. Prof. Dilek Keskin Has Been Promoted to Professor

    DKAssoc. Prof. Dilek Keskin, a member of BIOMATEN and also the Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Society (Turkey), has been promoted to professor. We congratulate Professor Keskin and wish her continued success.


  • Assoc. Prof. Pinar Yilgor Huri receives TUSEB Aziz Sancar Incentive Award

    PinarYilgorAssoc. Prof. Pinar Yilgor Huri, a member of BIOMATEN and a faculty member of Ankara University has received the TUSEB Aziz Sancar Incentive Award for her contributions to medical sciences. We congratulate her and wish her continued success.

  • Our Research in the News

    Başlık ResimThe research on micro and nanopatterned surfaces was started around 2004 by Prof. Vasif Hasirci and surface-cell interactions were studied for guidance of cells on biomaterials. The latest findings in this field were on the design of a "microfluidic system to screen cancer cells" conducted as a part of Dr. Menekse Ermis Sen's PhD thesis and was recently in the news in Turkey. This study was conducted in cooperation with Prof.

  • Recent Publication

    Buyuksungur, S., Tanir, E.T., Buyuksungur, A., Bektas, I.E., Kose, T.G., Yucel, D., Beyzadeoglu, T., Cetinkaya, E., Yenigun, C., Tonuk, E., Hasirci, V., Hasirci, N. (2017). 3D printed poly(ε-caprolactone) scaffolds modified with hydroxyapatite and poly(propylene fumarate) and their effects on the healing of rabbit femur defects. Biomaterials Science 5, 2144-2158. DOI: 10.1039/c7bm00514h