At the IVth International Course on Biomaterials (BIOMAT 2014) organized by The Center of Biomaterials and UNESCO Chair of Havana University (Cuba),  Prof. Nesrin Hasirci  of BIOMATEN and METU BIOMAT presented a talk titled "Importance of Micro and nano Modifications in Medical Devices” and Prof. Vasif Hasirci presented  "Approaches in Tissue Engineering: Repair of Cornea and Peripheral Nerves”.
Among the other speakers were important biomaterials researchers Profs. Alan Hoffman (U. Washington, USA), Michel Vert (U. Montpellier, France), James Kirkpatrick (U. Mainz, Germany), Carlos Cabello (U. Valladolid, Spain) and Claudio Migliaresi (Trento University, Italy).

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