The Project “Local and Targeted Drug Delivery Systems for the Treatment of Glioblastoma” conducted by our undergraduate researchers Özlem Neyişci and Gülce Işıl Gökçe and supervised by Prof. Dr. Vasıf Hasırcı and Dr. Tuğba Dursun-Usal was awarded the “Research Project Support Programme for Undergraduate Students/2209A” support by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey and also by the Undergraduate Research Projects of AdımODTÜ, a program of the Middle East Technical University.



Özlem Neyişci andGülce Işıl Gökçe 
METU Molecular Biology and Genetics (Senior Students)
Project Abstract:
This project aims to create a targeted and local drug delivery system based on improving the existing treatment routes and preventing the side effects of the most common treatments. For this purpose, a PLGA sponge loaded with PLGA nanoparticles is being used as the local delivery system. The nanoparticles encapsulate an anticancer drug, Temozolomide (TMZ), and will be tagged with nuclear localization signal (NLS) to target the nuclei of the tumor cells.

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